Women's Bamboo Sports Bras

Women's Sports Bras

Every great workout starts with a well-rounded, supportive, high-performing sports bra.

ALLways Sports Bra
  • Lake Blue Ripple
  • Grapevine
  • Black Ripple
  • White
ALLways Sports Bra


Rhythm Sports Bra
  • Tangerine
  • White
  • Black
  • Coastline Blue
Rhythm Sports Bra


ALLways Sports Bra Stripe Band
  • White/Tangerine
ALLways Sports Bra Stripe Band


The Best Sports Bras

Sports bras are one of those styles that can elevate any activity when you have the right fit and features and just as quickly spoil your time with a poor fit and low-quality features.

That’s why it’s so important to stay well informed on all the latest innovations for activewear and women’s sports bras. Here at Tasc Performance, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking to improve your comfort and performance in weekly workouts or just picking up a thoughtful gift for your gym-going friend, we’ve got the info you need to know to choose the best sports bra.

Features Your Sports Bras Should Have

Choosing the right sports bra isn’t always an easy decision, so being aware of the essential features is a key step to ensuring your sports bras support is what you need.

Two factors hold the greatest weight in ensuring you get a quality sports bra: fit and fabric.


The fundamental quality of a perfect sports bra is appropriate support. 

From lightweight support to high-impact sports bras, there are tons of options out there. Without enough support, you risk discomfort, soreness, sagging, and even injury—especially during higher intensity activity. On the other hand, an excessively tight fit with too much support can lead to discomfort and soreness as well.

Research shows that around 85% of women don’t have the proper size for their sports bra for their use. Always compare the intensity levels or your planned activities to the intended intensity level your sports bra is designed for.

While knowing your size is key, a wide bottom band and reinforced straps, whether you choose a racerback model or the traditional two straps, are two great features that can also help ensure a proper fit.


Another essential feature is your sports bra’s fabric! Fabric is fundamental to a good sports bra, typically determining what performance qualities it possesses (or lacks).

At Tasc Performance, we’re moving beyond the lackluster traditional fabrics for no-compromise fabrics using modern innovations.

The most common traditional fabrics, such as cotton and synthetic fabrics, achieve moderate performance or worse, while also failing to protect the environment

These unsustainable trademarks are left in the dust by today’s alternatives. First, organic cotton offers better temperature regulation than traditional cotton, with much better sustainability.

To bring home the performance power, bamboo is packed with all-natural qualities that make the whole list of essential activewear features, including moisture-wicking, breathability, odor resistance, stretch capability, and more!

Our signature bamboo-organic cotton blend is the top choice for taking your sports bras to the next level.

Top Sport Bra Styles

The essential style, our Allways Sports Bra is a highly versatile athleisure piece, ready to layer with anything or wear on its own. With medium-impact support and superior comfort, you’ll want to wear this to every workout, yoga session, and everything in between.

Our Recess Sports Bra offers an attractive alternative with a covered bottom band and fun details like double cross straps and side mesh. Despite its cute appearance, this medium impact bra packs a mean punch in performance.

Switch up your style a bit with an extra pair or two of our Recess Sports Bra in blue/white and black/white plaid too! It’s perfect for spring and summer, or pair it with leggings and sneakers for an alternative autumn look.


Sports bras are essential to any active lifestyle or athleisure wardrobe. Choosing the best sports bra will take your daily outfits to new heights of comfort and performance, and they make great gifts for your favorite fitness-obsessed friends. For the latest activewear news and more informative guides, stick around with Tasc Performance.

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